A simple mindset shift for weight loss


Do you have any idea how good your amazing body can actually feel when she is nourished and loved?

The problem is that we are always focusing on the wrong thing.

>>> We are focusing on how our body looks.
(Which usually leads to counting calories, restricting, and starving…)

What if you would change your focus?

I encourage you to try it, at least for one week:
Put that reflection in the mirror aside, and start focusing on how you want to feel.

Energized? Strong? Powerful? Free? Vibrant? Happy?


Now check in with your body and see if you’re actually feeling this way.

Here’s how you do this correctly.

1. Eat something.
2. Notice how your body feels after 1 hour.
3. Notice how your body feels after a few hours.
4. Notice how your body feels the next day.

And notice without any judgment!

You are now your own guru.
You set your own rules.
You decide.

It’s best if you do that in a notebook and do it for a few days or a week.

Maybe something you’ll eat will make your body feel lazy. Tired. Bloated. Sluggish.

Or maybe not!

Only you can test this out.
Only you have the answers.

I’m not here to tell you what to eat because YOU already have all the answers.

You just have to become more mindful of how your body feels and then you have a choice.

It’s your choice!

Do you keep want to feel lazy and tired or do you want to choose foods that bring you another step closer to how you *really* want to feel?

Note: it’s important to note here that we are not talking about that momentary pleasure that feels good just in that moment – that’s not true pleasure. You really have to become aware of how your body feels after eating (see step two, three, and four above).

Start eating now to activate that goddess inside of you.
To support the you that you desire to be.

NOW is the time to start.
xo Tiasha

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