Here’s why New Year’s resolutions don’t work (+ what does)


For years, I had been setting huge goals around dieting and losing weight every January.

Getting thin was always on top of my list. Every year, I created a detailed plan that I’m going to stick to.

This time it will be different.
I’m going to be more disciplined.
And then I’ll finally be happy!

But what actually happened was:

The first week went great, my game was strong! But by the second week, it became more challenging to make the right choices. I slipped here and there… until I completely “forgot” about my resolutions. Until the next Monday or the first day of the month when I started over.

Sounds familiar?

If it does, I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Weight loss can be pleasurable.

You don’t need to use willpower or be super disciplined.

Forget about the diets.
Forget about restrictions.
Forget about unrealistically small portions.
Forget about workouts that you hate.

I want to show you a better way.

From January 9th to January 11th, I’ll be teaching you the principles of the last diet you will ever need.

I call it The Pleasure Diet.

This is a free three-day course where I’ll guide you through everything you need to know to finally lose the weight in the most pleasurable way possible!

For three days, I will work with you to teach you:

⭐ The simple shift in your awareness that can completely stop your overeating problem and give you infinitely more satisfaction from everything you put in your mouth.
⭐ Why trying to restrict your food intake is counterproductive for weight loss and how to re-train your body to communicate exactly what it needs for lasting energy and fat burning.
⭐ How to permanently let go of worrying about fat in food or fat on your body.
⭐ Why MOST forms of dieting don’t work and what does.
⭐ The #1 skill you need in your toolbox and why you’ll battle with food and weight forever without it.

Click here!

We are kicking off this game-changing training on Tuesday (9th January) – remember to mark the date in your diary!

With love,



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