What’s stopping your weight loss success?


✖️😱 It IS scary to let go of control when it comes to weight loss!

Most of my clients have tried Every. Diet. In. The. World.

When we hop on a discovery call, I tell them that with my approach they won’t need diets anymore.

That there is no calorie counting, weighing your food, unrealistically small portions, unmet cravings, and uncomfortable hunger…

And when they hear that, they get scared.

It’s incredibly scary to let go of control, isn’t it?

I know how it feels because I’ve been there. I’ve been obsessively counting calories and weighing my food.

And usually, every time I let go of that control, I just started binging and gaining weight.

So I get it. It’s scary.

But when you do it the right way, you won’t gain weight because you’ll be removing the cause of your weight gain.

There is always a reason for it!

What you need to do is go deeper. You need to figure out what is the reason for your weight gain. There could be just one and there could be many.

I call these reasons “weight loss blocks” – because that’s exactly what they are doing to you.

It’s like you’re setting your GPS to a certain location but no matter what you do or which road you choose, there are these barriers on the road that don’t let you pass.

It’s the same thing here.

Your body is actually really smart. Just look animals in the wild, – they can eat whatever they want, in the quantities that they want, whenever they want… and they stay slim and healthy. They don’t need diet books or nutritionists, right?!

Well, it’s because they are listening to their own body wisdom.
And we have the same inner wisdom as well.

But we also have blocks that are blocking us from listening to our own body wisdom!

Here is how you can discover a few of your weight loss blocks.

💎 1// You need to figure out what happened when you started gaining weight. This can be a big indicator of the WHY behind your weight gain and a huge block for you. Did anything traumatic happened? Something bad?

💎 2// Continue the following sentences:
I can’t lose weight because…
I want to lose weight but…
(try to come up with more than one answer)

💎 3// Imagine being at your ideal weight. You look hot! You put on your favorite dress and when you’re walking down the street, you get all this extra attention from men. How does it feel?

💎 4// Do you ever eat when bored/stressed/angry/sad or when other rocky emotions are present?
This can block you from listening to your own body wisdom.

💎 5// What’s bad about reaching/being at your ideal weight? Come on, think about it. At first, you’ll say “Well, nothing is bad!!” – but really think harder
Is it that you believe that you’ll have to say no to your favorite foods? Is it that you’ll then have to step up in your life and go after your dreams (and this kind of feels scary)? Is it that you’re afraid that you’ll become more attractive and you’ll have an affair? Is it that you’ll be finally ready to leave your husband and you don’t want to break up the family?

Found some?
Well, this is just a few blocks and each of them needs special heeling. But the first step is always to uncover them.

TELL ME: In the comments below, write down which blocks you found (just write the number that’s before each block above). I’d LOVE to hear from you.


P.S. Interested in finding what are the other weight loss blocks? Click here to watch my webinar replay.





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