How full is your pleasure tank?


Hey, love.

Have you ever heard the term live more, weight less?

Here is the explanation…

The more you enjoy in life, the easier it is to lose weight.

The more pleasure in your life, the fewer cravings there will be and the less you’ll have the need to binge eat.

Imagine that there is a pleasure tank and you are filling this tank with all the pleasurable activities that you’re doing throughout the day.

Whenever you experience true pleasure, your pleasure tank fills up a bit.

But if your tank is empty, and food is your ONLY source of pleasure… then you can be sure that you’re going to overeat just to fill your pleasure tank.

To give you a story how this looks like in real life:

Imagine being at home alone on a Saturday night… you’re feeling a bit lonely and suddenly, you find yourself in the kitchen wanting to eat everything that you see.

But then the door opens… and in comes your lover… that you adore!

He (or she) comes closer to you, whispers something sweet in your ear… and starts kissing your neck … ⚡ … which feels so yummy –

Now tell me… would you still feel the need to eat all that food?

The answer is no, I’m preeeetty sure of that.

Another example is from one of my clients recently.

She was “hungry”, and wanted to eat and eat and eat…

– but then her friend called and offered a ticket to a Robbie Williams concert that was happening THAT evening.

She literally had to pick up her stuff and leave for that concert right away.

Guess what happened? She didn’t feel hungry at all for the rest of the evening.

So you see, it’s super important that your pleasure tank gets filled up with other activities too not just by eating.

You need to fill your pleasure tank.

And it’s also important that you fill it with true pleasure, not with false pleasure.

There is a huge difference between the two.

True pleasure is pleasurable not only in that moment but also 1 hour later, 3 hours later, 1 day later, or even a year later!

False pleasure or momentary pleasure is only pleasurable in that moment, but not after 1 hour, or a few hours, or next day…

Let’s look at eating which can be both – true pleasure until you’re satiated and it becomes a false pleasure when you start overeating.

So today, I want you to think about all the true and false pleasures in your life. And make a list of activities that really bring you true pleasure.

And then make a plan to include as many as you can in your daily life! Literally, make space for them in your calendar.

Fill it up!

It feels sooo good.

Enjoy today (as much as you can!)





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