The ‘Vitamin P’ Deficiency Is Keeping You Overweight


There are so many different deficiencies nowadays. Everybody are talking about Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and other *essential* Vitamins, but nobody is talking about Vitamin P.
I think the deficiency of Vitamin P is actually the worst and most concerning. And today, as a population, we are seriously deficient.

Vitamin P stands for pleasure, and it does a lot of good things for your body. It helps you to enjoy life and put a smile on your face.

Deficiency in Vitamin P can cause serious problems.

Here are some of the symptoms of the Vitamin P deficiency:

You’re eating emotionally.
You’re stressed.
You’re not happy in your relationship.
You’re having weight loss problems.
You wake up without energy.
You don’t sleep well.
You are miserable.

I’d like to look at one symptom more closely because it’s one of the biggest struggles for my clients. Emotional eating, overeating, and binge eating cause a lot of confusion and frustration.

When we are presented with a disease, we shouldn’t treat the symptom itself, but always search for the cause and remove the cause. Then the symptom will disappear. Easily and effortlessly!

The real cause for emotional eating is Vitamin P deficiency.
So it makes sense then that we should find ways to get more of the Vitamin P, right?

You may think that overeating and binge eating happen because you don’t have enough willpower to stay on a diet, but the truth is that you are simply trying to satisfy your need for pleasure in a wrong way.

You can get pleasure from many different things and activities.

Eating is one way of giving yourself pleasure, yes.
But eating can also be the very cause of lack of pleasure. As author Geneen Roth says, “It is when pleasure ends that overeating begins.”

And overeating actually has a counter effect on all the pleasure that we just gained. Think of it this way: when you eat, you are getting that essential Vitamin P, but when you start overeating that vitamin starts diminishing again.

Why? Because you have crossed the line and started eating past your true hunger. You moved away from eating according to your body’s needs and desires. Sure, this may bring you momentary pleasure, but it’s not a true pleasure. It’s counterfeit.

True pleasure can be enjoyed without compromising your ability to get more in the future, and counterfeit pleasure of overeating on your favorite food may leave you feeling terrible as soon as an hour later! So it’s important to differentiate between the two.

As I briefly mentioned before, we get Vitamin P not only from eating but from other sources as well.
It’s actually crucial that you do get it from elsewhere, as you cannot get all of it from eating.

When you’re vitamin P levels will be high, your symptom of emotional eating will disappear by itself, so don’t try to over-think it. Focus on removing the cause, which is just a lack of pleasure.

Just think about it for a moment. When you were you going through a relaxed and enjoyable period of your life, you lost weight without even trying. A good example of this is when you’re happily in love, or on relaxed vacation with lots of massages, fun, play, and other activities you absolutely love.

If you’ll only seek pleasure from food, then you’ll exaggerate because you are so dangerously deficient that you want to do anything to get more of it.

Food is just a quick fix.

There are infinite sources of pleasure other than food, you just got to be willing to research what brings YOU pleasure. It’s different for everybody, so here is an exercise that will help you get clear on it.

Brainstorm a list of every pleasure imaginable. Think about your past experiences and what brought you pleasure in your past. Include people, situations, things, feelings, foods, places, and experiences. And also think about all the pleasures that you dream of.

Here is your answer.
Use it!

Make a plan and incorporate more of these different forms of pleasure.



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